Black Attorney Law Firm Percentages 2020-2021 Report

This is the only comprehensive public survey of the percentage of Black attorneys in the 500 largest U.S. law firms. While there are several other helpful diversity reports, most of them group minority percentages together. Additionally, they tend to evaluate only the largest law firms. We rely heavily on NALP; however, what we have noticed over the last three years is that nearly half of the NLJ 500  have not reported their diversity figures to NALP since at least 2019. Because it is imperative that the profession have a true sense of diversity statistics, Lawyers of Color calculated the percentages for missing firms by reviewing attorney website photos. We then contacted these law firms several times requesting confirmation of our calculations or precise figures. We are again extending this invitation to the law firms that did not submit their figures to NALP or LOC earlier. Submit the firm’s December 31, 2019 snapshot, along with any questions or comments at this link. Deadline: April 21, 2021.