Black Guide to Law Schools & Firms (2022)

Inside the Black Student’s Guide to Law Schools & Firms 2022

The Black Student’s Guide to Law Schools & Firms 2022 (The Guide) contains a ranking of the Top 65* Law Schools for Black Students, along with various profiles of law school deans and students, which was previously published on Lawyers of Color’s website. The Guide also includes the Black attorney percentages at 565 law firms. 

Key Takeaways from The Guide:

  • The majority of large law firms do not report their diversity figures. p.69
  • Cravath has the highest percentage of Black attorneys among the largest law firms, underscoring the point that for a law firm to be truly excellent, its diversity data must be as well. p82
  • See Black attorney percentages for 565 law firms. p71
  • More than half the law firms have less than 3% Black attorneys, and there are 50 law firms that have no Black attorneys. p70
    • 13% of law firms are excelling with above 5% Black attorneys
    • 22% of law firms are above average with above 3.5% Black attorneys
    • 10% of low firms are average with around 3% Black attorneys
    • 19% of law firms are below average with less than 3% Black attorneys
    • 27% of law firm are failing with less than 2% Black attorneys
    • 9% of law firms aren’t trying with no Black attorneys

Gilbert LLP showed just what can happen when a firm actually tries. Recognizing that the lack of Black attorneys within their firm was due to “structural inequalities” rather than the “unqualified” or “fit” excuses firms too often make, Gilbert simply worked with a recruiter specializing in identifying diverse talent. Within one year, there were three new Black hires, which vaulted Gilbert into the number 1 spot among small firms, as well as the highest overall percentage of Black attorneys among any of the firms on our list. p91