Georgetown Law Class of 1995

Google is known to have some of the best talent around the world and but have them in key positions. David Graff, Vice President of Global Policy and Standards at Google, is one of Google’s remarkable talents.

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By The Numbers


Law Firm (Large) (9)

  • Partner (4)
  • Counsel (2)
  • Staff Attorney (2)
  • Contract Attorney (1)


In-house Counsel 


Law Firm (Solo) 

Government Attorney


Corporate Non-legal




Government Executive


Policy Executive


Public Defender






State Judge


Law School Legal Career Services


Law Firm (Mid-size ) Partner




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At some point after I graduated, Dean Bellamy asked me to teach appellate advocacy with the Charles Hamilton Houston pre-law program. Later I was asked to be on Georgetown Law’s alumni board. At some point I said, okay, I’m consciously committing to this place, and I am determined to make sure the board stays attuned to the voices of people like me who have a lot of potential and are navigating race, gender, financial insecurity and other issues that impact the ability of amazing students to succeed as law students and lawyers.

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We asked: Has there been a specific situation in your legal career in which you believe racial discrimination significantly impacted your legal career. (For example, demotion, or passed over for a promotion, firing, lower pay than white colleagues)

Yes-36.8%; No-63.2%

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We asked graduates of Georgetown Law’s class of 1995: If you would like, please generally explain the discrimination and negative impact.

Two of those surveyed chose to answer:

“I wanted to transfer within my firm from the litigation department to the corporate transactions department. The transaction partner said that he didn’t like to train young associates and preferred lateral hires. A year later, a young white associate was hired as a litigator and transferred to transactions.”

“I was removed from a case review to allow another (white) woman to complete the job. Reason: the client could see us working through the glass when they visited and that might be a problem for that client. I was unable to move up the process and gain experience before leaving the firm.”

For most lawyers, being a General Counsel at thriving companies is an ultimate goal. However, the journey to GC is challenging and only a select few make it that far. Ernest Tuckett is one of them. He began his legal journey at Georgetown University Law Center, where he began to focus on creating pathways for other minorities to enter the profession…Read Ernest Tuckett III Works to Increase Black General Counsel.

Did you have student loans?

Yes – 68.4%; No-31.6%

If you had student loans, are your student loans paid off?

Yes-36.8%; No-42.1% If your student loans are not paid off, how much student loan debt do you have remaining? 

“Way more than will ever be repaid”

“More than $150,000”

“More than $50,000”

“More than $30,000”